In 1975 Manfred Küberl founded „INNTALER Transporte“ having just one truck. At the beginning of the eighties his brother-in-law, Sebastian Stegmayr, supported him at INNTALER Transporte. Already a few years later INNTALER holds more than 30 trucks.
Numerous trucks and also some investments followed each other.

The company was specialized for transports between Italy and Germany from the beginning, and over the years INNTALER collected a huge expert knowledge about the transporting trade. Manfred Küberl and his team go through all ups and downs in the market. They can remember a gas price of 25 cent and a Brenner-lorry toll of 360 Euro. They also could also tell you some stories about broken trucks and burst tires.

INNTALER always tried to work together with partner, who appreciate their services.
To do a  perfect job for their clients weare always working according to our principles: Solid, serious and delivery on schedule without any damage.

Our vehicle fleet is adapted for our clients. At the beginning trucks with high volume were used, after that 7,5 + 7,5 m trailers become usual. At the end of the eighties the whole INNTALER vehicle fleet were trailers. Suddenly articulated trucks are wanted by the clients, so we changed all trucks to a maximum permitted load of 26 t.

The guarantee for a trouble-free work is in our opinion a solid truck driver. From the beginning we tried to find the best drivers for our trucks.

Since 2004 Markus Stegmayr continues the firm. He tries to carry on the succesful work of the family company. In the last two years the pressure for freight rates was that strong, that he decreased the number of own trucks. From now on the company is working with sub-enterpriser in the new EU-states.

To guarantee the INNTALER-standards we are very accurate by choosing our sub-enterpriser. With the end of 2008 and the beginning of the international finance crises the company invested, also with more staff, very successful in new markets like England and France. New investments in the new EU-states are planed.


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