The team-work between truck driver and the office is the most important thing for a transport of goods. Our expeditors give their best to bring your goods from A to B in time. All our expeditors become trained and are allowed to make decisions.

Our trucks and your loading are controlled by GPS. We are always able to see where our trucks are and where they were during the last 48 hours.

Kufstein is in the middle of Europe, so our company is very central on the north-south route: Kiefersfelden-Brenner. Because of that we ar able to coordinate our vehicle fleet in a perfect way and to supply to our clients on schedule.

„Transporting is our life.“

Markus Stegmayr: „Successful and long-time business relationships demonstrate the trust of our clients in INNTALER Transporte.“

Petra Huber: „Our costumers can contact us around the clock.“

Giuseppe Scarpellino: „To support our customers in the best way, it is naturally for us to speack the different languages of our customers.“

Renato Covi: „Teamwork is a crucial requirement for our success. My Italian mentality often helps with problems in Italy.“

Jörg Lamping: „German thoroughness is a virtue which I also live in the company. I do know the issues on the road due to my own practicel experience."

Martin Kirchmair: „For more than 20 years my main goal has been to satisfy my customers needs. Our team guarantees quality & punctuality.“

Stefan Langmaier: „Also during the weekend we are in contact with our truck drivers and we support them in any case of problem."

[Translate to en:] Lisa Scheel: „Meine Ausbilder nehmen sich sehr viel Zeit und geben sich große Mühe bei meiner Ausbildung.“

Edith Gugglberger: Three very important duties in a flexible & growing company are accounting, organisation & administration.“

Vehicle fleet:Our trucks can pick up 26 t in the international longdistance traffic. All vehicles have all usual load carrier and 34 euro-pallets on bord. 90% of our trucks are with Coil (DIN EN12642 Code XL).


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